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The Ministry of Food

“Thrifty wartime ways to feed your family today.”

Commissioned by the Imperial War Museum and illustrated in colour, The Ministry of Food tells the story of food rationing in World War 2. It shows how, with a bit of wartime wisdom and ingenuity, we can survive today’s credit crunch. There are also step-by-step illustrations showing how to grow your own vegetables, and lots of thrifty but delicious family recipes, up-dated  for today. Finalist for Garden Media Guild Inspirational Book of the Year 2010.

“This is not just a cookbook, it also shows … how people learnt how to survive on so little but with so much spirit. The posters and leaflets are so interesting, colourful and sometimes humorous. I just love it and want to share it with my grandchildren. Thank you.”  Amazon




For Better, For Worse

A light-hearted survival guide to the ups and downs of married life.