Good Granny Books

“Having written seven books on gardening and garden history, in recent years I’ve discovered a new topic to write about, which has given me much pleasure. Family relationships, specially between grandparents and grandchildren, are dear to my heart and I hope my ‘Granny’ books have entertained as well as informed my readers.”


The Pocket Book of Good Grannies

Charmingly illustrated with Alex Fox’s cartoons, The Pocket Book is a celebration of grandmotherhood in all its guises .There’s a Granny in here for everyone.

“What kind of granny are you? Traditional Gran? Sporty Gran? Or more Rock ’n’ Roll? The portraits in this book will make you laugh out loud.”

“Surely no granny could resist this book which is bursting with tips, kindness and love.” Sophie King



The Good Granny Guide

A loving and closely involved grandmother of six children, Jane has gathered first-hand tips from many other grandparents and their families. The result is a wonderfully insightful handbook, a vast resource of wisdom, history and humour.

“Granny Jane gets the golden rules right. She is absolutely spot on…” The Times

“Even perfect grandmas could pick up a trick or two from this witty compilation of first-hand advice.”  Daily Mail




The Good Granny Cookbook

Breakfast, Sunday Lunch, Monday Left-overs, Mid-week Meals, Fish on Friday, Saturday Stews, Vegetable Dishes and Salads, Teatime, Soups, Starters and Savouries, Puddings, Treats and Sweets…. the sort of robust, wholesome food that our grandmothers used to make. With delicious recipes brought up to date for modern cooks and reminiscences from Jane’s childhood, this is much more than a cookbook – it’s a classic to be handed down from generation to generation.




The Good Granny Companion

Classic games and stories, fun things to do and make…








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